I am pleased to announce that Laughing Horse Lodge is going Global!

In our 19th year here at the Horse, the practices we have tried to implement – as much as possible providing organic, natural, hormone-free, known-sourced food– will take a much-needed step forward with the assistance of GlobalAnimalPartnership.org and their nationally recognized 5+ Step Program of responsible and ethical animal husbandry.

The structure of the 5-Step program encourages higher welfare practices and systems to the benefit of farmers, consumers and animals. Each set of tiered standards has its own requirements and producers have the freedom to aim for any Step level they choose.

In essence, Step 1 prohibits cages and crates. Step 2 requires environmental enrichment for indoor production systems; Step 3, outdoor access; Step 4, pasture-based production; Step 5, an animal-centered approach with all physical alterations prohibited; and, finally, Step 5+, that the entire life of the animal be spent on an integrated farm. We are attempting to embrace Level 4 here at the Horse.

What will this mean for you and that beautiful double-Frenched Pork Chop topped with Gloria’s Peach Chutney or that grilled Chicken breast atop your Rancher Salad? Well, if you are over 40, your taste buds are going to have a trip down memory lane…back to the days when meats and eggs weren’t stuffed full of antibiotics and actually tasted like, well, meat and eggs. And, if it matters to you, you will have the satisfaction of knowing where and how your meal was raised.

Using GAP guidelines, and working with our food provider, FSA, and local ranchers and farmers, we are taking responsibility for our little slice of Montana heaven by ensuring to the best of our ability that every ‘creature’ we serve – whether sitting at our table or sitting on the plate, is having (or did have) a good experience. But don’t worry, we’re not going to serve your char-grilled 14 ounce, house-aged, Angus rib-eye and introduce her as Rosey!

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Horse for our 19th season which is filled with great music and events.